Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Our chocolate makers develop Bean-to-Bar chocolate in Amsterdam. Handmade, raw, and vegan. ChocQue creates innovative, tasteful, and nutritious chocolate. Our Bean-to-Bar chocolate is good for ourselves, good for our planet, and a pleasure for every chocolate lover. We are proud to say that we source our ingredients from Big Tree Farms, a network of many small farmers in Indonesia. 

Our supply chain is committed to transparent trade, where small farmers play the leading role. ChocQue believes it is important to build a sustainable relationship with the farmers in Indonesia. Whenever possible, we take the opportunity to visit the source of the organic cacao chain. The Bean-to-Bar process takes a lot of time, but in return it gives our chocolate makers control over the ultimate taste of our chocolate. And that is essential; there ain't no good chocolate without good cacao! 

Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok
Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

The cacao beans are roasted at a low temperature, below 45 degrees Celsius, so that the natural properties of the cacao are preserved. Unprocessed cacao contains over 1200 cacao constituents which can be counted among the most complex substances on earth. Unprocessed cacao has a high concentration of anti-oxidants and contains a large range of nutrients, such as zinc, iron and magnesium. Many of these nutrients are lost when heating the cacao. And that is precisely why we love low-temperature processed cacao; we want to keep all the good qualities that cacao has to offer.