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Our supplier also strives for the best quality. Big Tree Farms is Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade, NON-GMO Project Verified, GMP certified and HACCP certified, to guarantee the quality and social standards of our ingredients. And that is very well reflected in the taste of our chocolate.

Our chocolate is as pure as it can be, so that the ingredients are at their best. The basis of ChocQue consists of two ingredients: cacao and coconut. All ingredients are of high quality and are produced on a small scale. All ingredients are organic, which we find  very important at ChocQue.


Sustainability is a broad concept and can be interpreted in different ways. We see sustainability as a continuous process of self-reflection, so that we can constantly grow and become a little better in everything we do. In addition to sustainable procurement, we pay a lot of attention to the processing of the cacao at low temperatures and the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials. ChocQue is striving for a process that is as sustainable as possible. Sustainability and quality are therefore important pillars in our working method. For us, this means:
* Honest and sustainable purchasing
* Respect raw ingredients
* Nature-friendly packaging

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