ChocQue is a revolutionary concept in the wonderful world of chocolate. 
ChocQue is handmade from the best raw and organic cacao beans, sourced from Bali. 

With great love the chocolate makers of ChocQue create raw, organic, and vegan chocolate. ChocQue equals innovative, tasty and nutritious chocolate. Our bean-to-bar chocolate is good for ourselves, good for our planet, and on top of that a pleasure for every chocolate lover. ChocQue is made from unprocessed cacao products from Bali, Indonesia. Our chocolate is as pure as it can be, so that the ingredients are at their best. The basis of ChocQue is formed by two ingredients: cacao and coconut.
The ingredients that ChocQue contains are of high quality and are produced on a small scale. All ingredients are organic, which is very important to us. When making ChocQue, we do not use any preservatives. One of the characteristics of cacao beans roasted at low temperature is the pure cacao flavor, which is very well present. The texture of ChocQue is soft and supple; the chocolate melts on the tongue.
ChocQue is indeed vegan chocolate, made from unprocessed cacao beans, roasted at low temperature.
Many people are not yet familiar with chocolate made from raw cacao beans. ChocQue likes to change this, as we think 
raw chocolate is
extremely tasty!